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Tales of Africa is an initiative to project positive African values and challenge the status quo of Africa being relegated to the background. The vision of Tales of Africa is to establish Africa as a no push-over continent and reduce the over-reliance on western media by establishing our own medium of communication, so that when Africa speaks, the world listens! Tales of Africa is a platform for Africans to have their voices heard and position us as global players. Tales of Africa is going to use its platform to investigate, analyze and implement the right strategies to achieve its goal.


Tales of Africa cross-checks facts about a social issue and ensures that it is worthy of public consumption and requires prompt attention.


We analyze what we consider newsworthy by determining whether it contributes to the development of Africa and project positive African values.


We implement action plans that strengthen Africa’s position as a global player by acting as a pressure group that influences governmental and stakeholder policies in Africa’s best interest.


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