African Parents – The Master Dreamers

African Parents – The Master Dreamers

African parents more often than not make it their perpetual responsibility of charting the course of their children’s path in life. Most people who walk the face of the earth strive to leave a legacy or accomplish something worthwhile before they depart. The African child is no exception to this.

Legacies and milestones are achieved not on a silver platter but on the canopy of something extremely powerful called DREAM, something that seems to elude some of our African parents. The African parent has not only been a major contributing factor to the downfall of mother Africa but has also ensured that this atrocity is perpetuated in an endless cycle of generations.

Africa, a land of enormous human resource, so talented that when developed appropriately, would not only be an indomitable force to reckon with but become a global force to contend, has been crippled by this simple but yet heinous crime. She is so strategically placed in terms of numeric and geographic strength that she can be just about anything.

Slowly with time, the African parent has become the Master Dreamer, carefully planning their wards’ career as soon as the news of their conception is received. So bad has the situation turned that the African Child has no right or whatsoever in the African household to think of or talk less of discussing a possibility of dreaming for themselves. The African Child has slowly been turned into a puppet by their Master Dreamer Parents. Africans are now serving Mother Africa in capacities that they have no passion for. Africa weeps! She continually bleeds from the knife being driven deep into her chest by children whom she bore and protected.

I once had a conversation with a friend who was undergoing her internship at a hospital in a West African city. Apparently the hospital where she had been undergoing her internship had lost a patient (may his soul rest in peace) a week earlier due to the negligence of medical staff at the hospital. After hearing the events that led to this unfortunate incident, it made me weep, not only for the poor old man who has become a victim of this silent killer, but also more for Mother Africa, for all the illustrious children she has had to lose in one way or the other due to the killing of dreams which has landed people in jobs and occupations which they have little or no interest in.

A piece of literature taught me that if a man desires and dreams to be a sweeper, that man should not be stopped. It reiterated that when that man is allowed to be a sweeper, at the end of the day he would do it with his whole heart so much that when he dies, the Angels in heaven would cry and shout his name and the people in the streets would call out his name and say “there was a man who once lived and swept this street so well with all of his heart”.

Growing up, I have placed so much reverence on this literature and what it has taught me as a young man and an illustrious son of Africa. I so much wish African Parents would realize the power of a dream in this world where we live; a world of endless possibility. I often look forward to a new millennia of African youth armed with requisite information and given the right to dream their own dreams. Indeed, time is long overdue for a change in this attitude of dreaming for our poor African children. African Parents must be sensitized on the effects of this menace on their children and ultimately on Mother Africa.

Credit: This piece was shared by Bibiniba, an Air Force Man in the Ghana Armed Forces. The views expressed in this article is solely that of the writer’s and is in no way affiliated to the Ghana Armed Forces.

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