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About Bonfire Adventures

Bonfire Adventures is a leading Kenyan tours, travel and events company with over 10 years experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists from all over the world.

Bonfire Adventures is run by a team of over 15 tourism professionals who are passionate about safari adventures with an in depth knowledge of the Tour & Travel industry. They understand well the needs of today’s tourists by delivering quality, personalized and impeccable service that exceeds their clients’ expectations.

Bonfire Adventures Mission

Client Mission

They are dedicated to offering the highest quality, safest and best value trips. But on top of offering an excellent product, they are also committed to making a positive change in the lives of their clients. They want their clients to experience the pleasure of finding and pursuing a passion. It is their goal that clients return from their trips having found a new passion or solidified an existing one, having made lasting friendships, having experienced a deep sense of achievement as a result of reaching new heights in their favorite sport, and having acquired a new perspective on life as a result of the unique experiences that Bonfire Adventures trips provide.

They have had more than a few clients who have returned from their trips and decided to make major life changes such as changing careers to pursue more meaningful work, moving countries to be closer to the tours, and changing universities to be around more like-minded people. Bonfire Adventures do not expect their trips to have such a dramatic impact on all their clients, but they do hope that all their clients can be inspired in some small way from the experience of sharing their passion with them.

Employees Mission

Traditionally, members of the travel and tours industries; guides, leaders and instructors, are paid very low wages despite the difficult and skilled work they carry out. However,  at Bonfire Adventures, they understand that their company would be nothing without the hard work, enthusiasm and skill of their talented trip leaders, trip developers, guides, instructors and other employees, thus it is their desire to reward their team members for their effort. For this reason, not only do they pay generous wages that exceed industry averages, but they also provide significant profit share and bonus schemes to ensure that their employees directly benefit from their excellent work.

They also give their employees significant freedom to create, run and manage their trips so that they feel a sense of ownership over the trips they lead and they are involved as much as possible in the strategic development of the company so that they feel a part of a common vision. It is the goal of Bonfire Adventures to become the employer of choice in the tours and travel industries and to be recognized by their team members as a generous, inspiring, and great place to work.

Social Mission

By the very fact that travel brings together people from all different cultures and backgrounds, it has an enormous power to unite and improve people’s understanding of each other. It also has great potential to improve the economic welfare of the world’s poorest populations by providing new sources of income. Without careful monitoring, however, tourism also has great power to inflict negative change upon the world by creating ecological damage, uprooting communities, and perpetuating cultural stereotypes as a result of close-minded and culturally insensitive travelers. Bonfire Adventures therefore seek to maximize the positive impact of their trips on the local communities they visit and eliminate potential negative effects.

In addition to involving local people in their trips, they try to meet this goal by creating itineraries that allow clients to experience the local culture through food, festivals, activities and cultural sites.

Environmental Mission

It is their mission to serve as beacons for those who want to preserve what is left for generations to come. In their simple way, they ask that you come join them on a journey to discover the subtle treasures of Kenya. In doing so, it will awaken you to all the rich historical, cultural and natural resources that Kenya offers.

To minimize their impact on the environment, they follow the principles of a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible tours recreation. In addition to following the principles, they minimize the impact of their trips by keeping their group sizes small and educating and informing their clients about the regions they visit to increase their interest in and appreciation for the environment.

To ensure that they not only eliminate their negative impact upon the environment but also contribute to positive environmental change, they also donate 1% of their total annual profits to several environmental companies in Kenya so that they can further their valuable efforts to plant trees, conserve environment, build awareness, appreciation and respect for world’s mother nature.

Bonfire Adventures Services

At Bonfire Adventures, their specialty is the ability to design unique tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist, from the budget to the luxury providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with East Africa’s spectacular scenery and not forgetting the rest of the world’s hidden treasures!

If you’re looking for a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, adventurous and rewarding, we suggest you check out their wide range of tours and travel packages.

Their services include: –
•    Domestic and international Tours and Travel consultation and holiday packaging
•    Air Ticketing,
•    Hotel booking,
•    Airport Transfers,
•    Kenya safaris and excursions,
•    International Holidays
•    Honeymoon Packages
•    Destination Weddings
•    Corporate team building, conferences and retreats
•    Bush and Beach Events Organization
•    Visa Handling for specific Countries
•    Travel Insurance

Awards and Nominations

Bonfire Adventures have won and have been nominated for a number of awards by the World Travel Awards.

They won the following awards:

They were also nominated for the following awards:

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