Wake Up, Africa!

Wake Up, Africa!

Africa needs to wake up! The current state of Africa is disheartening with nothing to write home about, and it seems its future is becoming bleaker with each and every passing day. The youth of Africa who must wake up and demand change is busily concerned about the latest dance moves, sex and entertainment. Ask them basic questions about politics or governance and all they express is their lack of interest in politics. Yet, they have high expectations of their lives and general living conditions from their governments being improved by the stroke of a magic wand.

Undoubtedly, Africa’s education system has failed and continues to fail its citizens which has resulted in producing sick minds that do not have the requisite skills to aid the continent in solving its own problems. Instead, we await and look up to foreigners from faraway lands to deliver us from our woes. The future of Africa is dependent on what it consumes today – The kind of information its people decide to feed on, the quality of education they receive and the conscious efforts they are making to better their nation.

Africa has all the resources it needs to be self-sufficient and prosper but we are still not “respected” by the rest of the world because we have chosen to remain in our underdeveloped state. The leaders we appoint who are supposed to lead us into a glorious future are rather the ones that plunder and destroy the nation. We spend a lot of time talking and fantasizing about our “colonial masters” than devising ways by which we can export not only our goods but also our culture.

The exploits made by Africans have remained in obscurity and have gone unnoticed and unrecognized, simply because we do not cherish our own. An example is the exploits of Ghana’s powerful Chief Priest, Okomfo Anokye, who planted a sword in the ground for more than three hundred years ago. The sword has stood the test of time, showing no signs of deterioration and till date, no one has been able to pull the sword from the ground. Even Mouhammed Ali, the former Heavyweight Champion once visited this historic site and tried his hand at it but to no avail.

The story of this sword should have been advertised and proclaimed in the Western press as another wonder of the world, but it has remained unnoticed because it was the work of an African and Africans themselves do not appreciate what they have. Had it been done in Europe or America, it would have made the airwaves and probably earned a spot in the Guinness book of records or wonders of the world. It would have found its way into the history books, encyclopedias of the world and even into the textbooks of European and American students. Sad to say but it won’t be too long when foreigners will begin to manufacture our cultural artefacts and sell them to us instead.

Africa must rise and make conscious efforts as well as take bold decisions that will shape the future we envision for our continent. A better Africa begins with us. Let’s give priority to things that will give Africa a voice on the world stage. Let’s not make the struggles of our forefathers, predecessors, ancestors and pan-Africanists who fought with their last drop of blood to see Africa’s freedom be in vain. The onus lies with us to make Africa great again in all its facets.

Martin Luther King Jnr once said, ask not what your country will do for you but what you will do for your country. And so today, I also say, ask not what your continent will do for you but what you will do for your continent.

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